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After School Clubs

The School offers a wide range of after school activities. Boys are actively encouraged to take part in the range of activities on offer. Below are a selection of the School's after school activities.


Film-Making and Animation Club

This club is available to boys in Year 4 and above. It provides an introduction to the basic skills of Stop Motion Animation. Working with plasticine, lego and a variety of other objects, the boys use laptops and cameras to create short Stop Motion Animation clips using "I Can Animate" software. Clips are then developed further by adding sound, graphics, transitions and other effects.

Chess Club

This long-standing club is open to boys of all abilities from Year 2 upwards. It offers all boys the chance to master and develop their game, with a structured mixture of teaching and playing. including the opportunity to play in tournaments and achieve badges.


Richmond Knights run a very successful basketball club in our new purpose built sports hall. Boys learn skills, tactics and play matches. They also compete in matches against other local prep schools and basketball tournaments.

M:Tech Music and Media Tech

The M:Tech course provides a unique opportunity for children to participate in creative composition by combining traditional music theory with the latest creative technologies.

Judo Club

Bu'Sen Martial Arts School provide for boys from Year 1 upwards. Registered with the Anglo Japanese Judo Association, the club caters for boys of all abilities with regular grading opportunities.

 Drama Club

This introduces children in Years 2 and 3 into the world of drama. Drama boosts confidence, promotes teamwork and stimulates creativity. Areas covered include improvisation, observation and character work. The sessions are delivered by Perform Drama and are designed to expand each boy's ability and awareness.


Science club for Years 2 and 3 is delivered by Mother Nature Science Ltd.  A different topic is introduced each week, with boys making a take-home item during the session. Spring term 2017 sessions include:

  • Puzzle Tastic: Train your brain and make your own clever puzzles
  • Pendulum of Fear: Things can't swing forever, make a wave pendulum model
  • Rocket 3,2,1, Blast Off: The science behind rocket propulsion; make your aerodynamic arrow!
  • Magic Money Box: The science behind illusions, then make a ‘magic money box’
  • Fruit Batteries: Light up LED’s, use pennies, nails & fruit- batteries not required!
  • Heat Trap: Investigate the ozone and its gases-make mini a solar oven
  • Wave Motion: Fire your wave cannon, make links to sound and light travel
  • Salty Science: Experiment with salinity and electricity; Separate salt from salty water!
  • Noisence: Discover the science behind sounds and vibrations; Make a noisy bang!
  • Funky Flute: Discover pitch and tone, make a funky flute to take home
  • Friction Climbers: Discover force of friction, make your own climbing creature
  • Catch me if you can: Adaptations - make animal puppets able to defend themselves

The provision includes an excellent programme of extra-curricular activities and visits, which are strengths of the school.

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